Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Fire!

Well it's now well and truly been over a month since my last post, a declaration of my hatred for Facebook and my epic plans to once and for all rid the devil which is Facebook from my life...
That plan may have failed slightly. You see, as much as I feel Facebook is some kind of evil magic where people gather to brag about their good fortune, or complain about their mishaps and broken promises, it's also a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. Hence, in a bid not to ostracise myself from my gal pals, I am still using Facebook, dam you to hell social media, but I just can't let go!
Ironically enough, something I thought I had let go of, seems to be finding its way back to me.
My creativity!
The reason I haven't been blogging is not due to a lack of fun and interesting things happening to me, or because I no longer have an interest in the issues facing young women today, simply I've had a major blockage on all things creative, including sewing and writing.
That was until today anyway.
I've had a huge pile of clothes sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to attend to, all various degrees of work needing to be done on them, but up until today I really just didn't want to touch them, I didn't even feel like sitting in my studio, but for some reason today I did.
What's even more fantastic than the fact that I felt like sewing and mending is that on my way home from the Gold Coast this morning, I actually had a wave of designs flush through my brain, a whole collection materialised in my head!
This is something that hasn't happened to me since last year!
I was starting to feel that perhaps my creative spark had been snuffed out, but after my little creative sabbatical, it seems it has come back, and come back with a new fire and excitement!
Today I hemmed a pair of jeans I've been meaning to do for the past 5 years (they're practically brand new and never worn due to the obscenely long length) I hemmed a work skirt, took in a dress, repaired a cardigan, sewed a new button onto a circle skirt and repaired a belt loop, so yes, all in all, a very productive day.
Tomorrow I'm going to be taking a trip to Spotlight with my mum to see if I can find some of the material that I need for this new collection that has popped into my head. No promises yet, but Evelyn Curtis may make a return to the fashion scene before the year is done.
Watch this space!