Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I want to brake up...with Facebook

Perhaps a few of you have noticed this little Bloggarella has not adorn her social networking slipper for over a month now, but it's not because my Prince ran away. On the contrary, I'm the one who's having commitment issues when it comes to sticking it out with my blog, in fact I'm really over all social media sites! In this world of interconnectedness and instant updates of everyone's feelings, it can become a little overwhelming and I think time apart really is the only remedy. Ironically it's taken me to be in a real relationship for me to realise how much I dislike the relationship I have with my online world.
You see, it's this real relationship which has sparked my tiff with Facebook in the first place, as I have grown happier and more content with my real life, I've noticed that the majority of what gets posted on Facebook is depressing and anything that is seemingly positive gets shunned by other miserable people.
In particular I've noticed an overwhelming dislike towards people who post cute and occasionally corny statuses and pictures of themselves with their spouses. Something I'd probably never really noticed until recently. In my single days I was so immune to the concept of a relationship that I barely took notice of people being adorable with one another, and shuddered at the thought of having to put up with someone constantly being a part of my life, but I can't ever recall hating on another simply because they were happy and happy to share their love with their so called "friends". Now that my relationship status has changed on FaceSpace, I'm constantly seeing the same old saying, and it actually makes no sense what so ever!
"The happiest relationship is the one you see nothing about on Facebook"
...No, that's not the happiest kind of relationship, that's a portal for infidelity, and I can talk from experience due to having been with a serial cheater for many years.
I don't understand this logic what so ever! Oh you're really happy in your relationship? That's fantastic! I'm so glad you have found someone who you love and trust and who loves and trusts you too! Oh, but hold on, better not tell anyone...
Your social network is suppose to be about you, when you're in a relationship, that's a thing about you, it shouldn't be shunned just because someone else is unhappy in their life!
Why is it that when we are doing well in life or we are in love or we have achieved something and we "share" this information with our "friends" on social media it starts negativity? Why is it acceptable for people to rag about their crappy bosses, cry about their loneliness or complain about their hopeless partners, but if you share happy news, or post a photo of yourself and your partner smiling together, all of a sudden you're "showing off".
Misery, it seems, breeds social media.
It seems so odd to me that a "selfie" will attract a whole lot of likes, comments and attention, but an image of a happy couple together denotes a harsh comment about the people in the photo being secretly miserable.
Clearly I care way too much about what people think, and this has always been one of my biggest flaws, but here's the big conclusion.
Facebook... I don't know how to say this, but I've met someone, and I think it might be pretty I think it would be best if we stop seeing each other. I don't like the way you make me feel, and I hate that you make me second guess sharing my happiness, I deserve better than to have my happiness suppressed by you!
That's it Facebook!
We're done!
I'll be going Facebook Free for the entirety of June and possibly further, I'd do it sooner but unfortunately I have a show to organise and Facebook is my biggest marketing and communication tool, I'll just have to endure this crappy relationship a little longer, but be rest assured, I have no warm feelings towards it anymore. I love a human now :)