Thursday, March 13, 2014

A memoir to my Summer Wardrobe

As I write this blog I have an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The smell of roast lamb is drifting in from the kitchen, I can hear my parents nattering about their day and George Michael is crooning away softly in the background. It all reminds me so much of when I was a child, and it got me thinking that once again another beautiful Summer has passed and Winter is well and truly on its way (I'm starting to have to wear pants in the morning again...le sigh), So what better way to celebrate the passing of another glorious season then to have a little trip down memory lane (of outfits). Summer for me was full of bright colours, soft florals, crop tops and circle skirts and of course the odd straw hat here and there. I actually wore a lot of my own label too, I love when someone asks me where I got an article of clothing and I can tell them I made it myself and that it's a one of a kind, it really makes being a "designer" worth while.
This is a dress I made for a RAW evening. I made it in about 45minutes so it's not my best work but the print is so gorgeous it really doesn't matter what the inside looks like!
This crop was a dress but I thought it looked better as a top, so I decided to cut it up and turn it into a top, I paired it with a Kitty Boo Boo skirt for a day trip to the Gold Coast with my girlfriends.

This is a little Evelyn Curtis crop top and I teamed it with a skirt I bought on Etsy from a label called Two Penny Toast.

This little crop top is just from Supre, not a brand I usually wear, but when it comes to crop tops, they know what they're doing! The skirt is from an op shop and I bought the little straw hat at a market. This was the perfect outfit for a little picnic I had with my girlfriends in Newfarm Park.

Yet another Supre crop top and op shop skirt, the skirt is actually from Asos but I picked it up from an op shop for only $10! I paired it with my chunky gold chain from Lovisa, my gold clutch from Forever New and my floral wedges from Sportsgirl.

I picked up this playsuit on my last trip to Melbourne, I love how well cut it is and the floral print is so vibrant, you just can't have a bad day in a print like this! I wore it for my birthday outing.

This is a little dress I made for my event Art & Style, I just loved the printed chiffon and I thought I'd try something a little different with a fitted skirt and keyhole midriff.

I absolutely adore this dress from Zara, I bought this one whilst in Melbourne too and wore it for our ladies Christmas luncheon, the theme was red and white so this was the perfect choice!

A delightful bright mix for Summer.

One of my favourite dresses, this is from Review and I wore it to a high tea with my girlfriends.
As much as I'm not overly thrilled with Winter, I do like it from a fashion point of view as you get to experiment with  textured layers, warm accessories and comfy boots!