Thursday, March 6, 2014

International Women's Day Fun Run

This Sunday will see a few thousand amazing humans embarking on a 5km "fun run" around Southbank and The City. I'm not entirely sure how joyful and fun filled the actual run will be but I'm happy to participate given that it is to support such a fabulous cause. Every now and again, given my chosen industry and my position as a "fashionista" I get to do something that makes a difference to the community. Together with a handful of other fabulous fashion folk from Brisbane we have banded together to raise much needed funds for the Mater Chicks in Pink.
In the City North News with Sarah Hulcombe and Natalie Rap
Today we were lucky enough to score a spread in the North City News and so far we have already reached our goal of $500 as a collective group. I have actually been taking this pretty seriously and for the last two weeks I've been running almost every day. Every time I feel tired, sweaty and in pain I just think about all the women out there who are currently battling with breast cancer and think how fortunate I am to even have the opportunity and good health to go for a run.
BTS from our shoot
The cause is especially close to my heart as I've had to watch one of my best friends go through the battle with her mum. I've seen first hand how hard it has been on her and despite wishing so much that she didn't have to go through it, I know that it just not enough. The only way anyone is going to ever not have to deal with cancer is by raising awareness and funds for research and development for cancer treatment.
Pre shoot selfie
If you would like to donate to my run I would be so extremely grateful and you have until Sunday to do so, so please dig deep, any little bit counts! I'll be thinking of you when I'm out there sweating my bum off on Sunday, thanks in advance!
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