Monday, February 10, 2014

Laneway Festival Recap!

They say that music and fashion go hand in hand and last Friday I was lucky enough to attend Laneway Festival to check out a different side of the festival spectrum. For those of you unfamiliar with Laneway I feel the easiest way to explain it would be this, if JJJ had a music festival, it would be Laneway. A plethora of indie rock bands as well as some big headliners including Vance Joy, Lorde and Haim, this festival, held on a Friday is like a Hipsters heaven! I've never been to a festival where a suitcase rummage stands side by side with a swarming crowd of long haired, Hawaiian shirted, skinny chinoed males and denim cut off cladded females, all swaying rhythmically to bands whose names often resemble words that aren't actually in the English language (Chvrches anyone?)

The day was actually amazing, and I love discovering new bands I've previously never heard of, I am now hopelessly devoted to The Growl and Mt Warning and my music tastes seem to be ever expanding.
I feel that discovering new music is like finding a new brand that you fall in love with, all of a sudden you want to know everything about them, where did they come from and how have you managed your existence without them up to this point?! I always embrace new things and I love being put just a little outside my comfort zone. Having never been to a Laneway before I was a little unsure of what to wear, I knew that it was more of an "indie" vibe, but that said, you always get such an eclectic mix of people at the house/ trance events I usually frequent so it can be hard to pick sometimes.
I decided to play it safe and went with an outfit that could suit any music festival, regardless of the music playing. I went with a little floral crop top that I made last year (there is a similar style on sale here if you're interested) my Sportsgirl high waisted denim shorts (no, they are not cut offs, and no part of my rear end is exposed in them) along with my little adventure boots (my go to festival shoe) and my Sportsgirl bag (the perfect bag for any outdoor adventure). I would have loved to have added my little straw hat into the mix but sadly I seemed to have momentarily lost it.
Laneway was an amazing day with a mix of amazing humans performing their extraordinary musical talents. I went with one of my best friends and all day I just lapped up everything that was going on around me and took in all the glory of Brisbane and its people. Thanks for a great day Laneway!