Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Byron Blues

On this particularly warm evening in little Brisbane, I find myself reminiscing on my most recent trip to Byron Bay with my lovely girlfriends. We try to frequent the backpacker filled beach at least twice a year and we started off this years adventure time early! Unfortunately I had to work on the Saturday so I missed out on the first full day, but I cruised down the long strip of tar to arrive late Saturday night, full of joy to have finally reached my little holiday destination. Byron Bay is a gorgeous mix of people and attracts a diverse range of backpackers, students, surfers and swankies (those well to-do types). The bustling streets are chocked full of little boutiques, organic food shops and a plethora of fabulous restaurants all serving up a supreme array of breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. There's a night market in the park lands, and a fabulous beach that stretches for miles, not to mention a picturesque lighthouse perched upon the most Eastern tip of Australia's mainland.
On the way up to the lighthouse.
Wearing Supre tank and Op shop Skirt.
Almost at the top!
On Saturday night I met with my ladies on the grass field above the beach for a night time picnic, before we headed down to the beach to gaze up at the star filled night, perform cartwheels on the beach and get chased by crabs. After exhausting all of our energy we wandered back to our backpackers and chatted away like little school girls until one by one we fell asleep in our bunks, eager for the fresh day ahead.
The beautiful lighthouse.
The perfect beach.
Sunday was a perfect day! We woke early and decided to venture up to the lighthouse, we walked from our backpackers up to the lighthouse, it was hot and humid but once we reached the lighthouse and stared off into the horizon our aching legs and sweaty brows were completely forgotten about. We then wandered into the main part of town and settled on the frozen yoghurt bar for breakfast before heading off to the beach. The sun was hot, the water was cool and the people were so amazing. If you were to ask me what my ideal day would be, it would be exactly as that Sunday was!
It's always a little sad leaving Byron but with my bestie beside me, the windows down and some great tunes playing, it never feels like a real goodbye, it's just like saying "till next time" to an old friend.
Street art in town.
The most amazing bowl of healthy deliciousness, it was a wholemeal tortilla bowl full of beans, tomatoes, carrot, beetroot, lettuce and avocado.
Weather you head to Byron with a group of friends for a quick weekend by the beach, or you head down with your partner and stay in the luxurious hotels, Byron has something for everyone and it has my heart for a life time.
Wearing my new Evelyn Curtis Retro Rio bikinis on the beautiful beach,