Monday, February 3, 2014

Exploring My Own Backyard

Amongst my well travelled friends I am a novice, a dunce if you will, I don't currently own a passport and I've never been to another country before. That's not to say I don't have a passion for adventure or that I don't like to travel because I do. I love going to new places, trying new things and meeting new people, it's just that I always seem to do all of these things, right here in little Australia.
On Monday I went to one of the most naturally beautiful places you could imagine. It may not have had century old ruins and people nattering away in an exotic language, but what it lacked in exotica it made up for in sheer beauty and awe.
About half an hour out of Beaudesert lies acres of farm land, abundant with cows and rolling hills and air as fresh as any Canadian Mountain air. I am lucky enough to be "soon to be" sister in laws with a lovely family who work and live on a beautiful farm just shy of the glorious ridge that borders Queensland and New South Wales.
Home to two beautiful white horses, three friendly cows, a gorgeous farm dog and the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet, not to mention the wild wallabies, chickens, roosters and one of the most impressive vege gardens I've ever seen!

Feeding Hermione

A wild wallaby!
The farm is so beautifully kept and would make the perfect setting for anyone wanting a truly romantic wedding venue, with manicured lawns, plenty of camping space and a beautiful fresh water creek running along the bottom of the land, complete with deep watering holes for a leisurely dip after a hard days work, or a big day of fun!
The beautiful outlook

Although most people naturally assume (given that I am into fashion and all things girly) that I'm a Princess, but truth be told I actually love getting out into the wilderness. Being on the farm reminded me of when I was a little girl, living in Canberra and our family friends owned a deer farm that we would frequent on the weekends.

My "Country" outfit, complete with Adventure Boots!

We had a fabulous day riding around on the gator, feeding and petting the cows, picking fresh fruit and veges from the garden and exploring and swimming in the fresh water pools.
As we headed home after a big day of adventuring I thought of how incredibly lucky I was to have the life I have, to know the people I know and to have the experiences that I have had. I may not have travelled the world just yet, but I have made so many memories along the way already, and really that's what makes life worth living!

Sophie running us into a tree! :O