Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Passion for ME

It's been brought to my attention that I seem to mention my relationship status more than I should. When I think about it, it's not that I'm sad and lonely and desperate for a date, and I don't go around advertising it in the vain hope that some "desperate guy" will take it as a hint to ask me out. I just feel it's something that defines who I am in my life right now, just as a relationship defines another person when they're in one. When you're some one's girlfriend, that forms part of your identity, so this isn't a one way street. Being single to me means I have freedom, freedom to do what I like, with whom I like, when I like (let's keep our minds out of the gutter about, this shall we?)
Singledom to me means I always get to put myself first and that I am lucky enough to have the opportunity right now to find myself. I in no way want a boyfriend in my life at this stage as I feel it would kind of mess up all my self discovery and career development, apparently this is a weird thing, and I couldn't tell you how often people ask me...

"Why on earth are you still single?"

Who the heck wants to be single? Truth be told, I do!
I think the reason it gets mentioned so regularly with my friends and family is that people look at being single like some sort of illness, or a goal that hasn't yet been reached, people try to set you up with other single people, never mind asking if it's something you actually want, and never mind if you and the other said single person actually have anything in common, but you're both "hopelessly" single, so surely that should fix the problem, right?
But what if it isn't a problem?

What if being single is actually your answer to the tricky things you're trying to work out in life right now?

It seems crazy to have to defend myself on this because you don't look at someone in a bad relationship and go "oh I know this councillor you should go and see, that will help your problem" all you say is "you deserve better" with no resolution in hand, because hey, at least they're in a relationship.
Looking over my past few posts I have mentioned that I feel that it would be nice to meet someone eventually, but I also blog so often about how I want my business to succeed and how hard I'm working to turn my dreams into a reality. This in consideration I find it so odd that mentioning my status of "single" makes me appear desperate for love but mentioning my passion for my business as "burning" doesn't make me looking desperate to succeed? It's a funny old world we live in and one I find so strange at times.
Once again it seems I'm dealing with being labelled from the outside world due to being a female, and how strange it is that being single is considered to be some kind of plague but if I were married and unemployed I'd apparently have the best life ever?

Well let me set the record straight for all those passing judgement on poor single Lex, I'm totally ok with it, in fact, I love my single life.

I have all the love in the world I could need from my amazing friends and family and I if I ever have the inclination to be snuggled as I fall asleep to a movie I have people in my life that can take care of that too. I'm not a hardcore feminist by any means, and I'm no hoe about town, just a selfish little twenty something, trying to get the best out of life, and right now, it doesn't include changing my Facebook status to "in a relationship".
I wear the pants in my relationship with me!