Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Women Want

I've just finished divulging into a new online men's magazine article on the topic of what it is that women want. How interesting it was to find that the author of said article made it loud and clear to men that females on the whole are looking for more than just a physically attractive male (something every female will agree with, but something very few men realise).
We want companionship, chivalry, conversation, confidence and clarity according to a handful of beautiful women chosen to be interviewed on this particular topic. Now I do happen to agree with the above statement, but what I found most interesting is that out of the eight women interviewed all of the females were inexplicably gorgeous creatures and in fact five of them were models. For an article explaining that women want more than a good looking mate, is it ironic to interview only the finest looking women, or is there more to it than that? Has it been fashioned this way so that men can understand that even the most beautiful women want a man who can tell her a good joke, wipe her tears when she's having a sook about nothing, and have a hearty discussion of the state of our political situation?
Being in the fashion world I'm constantly surrounded by ridiculously beautiful women (I am a lucky lady) and as far as I have experienced these women are all reasonably normal creatures, they have the same male problems we all face but I do wonder that if perhaps things are a little different in the world of the beautiful people, perhaps they are even harder?
Being an average woman I look at this article with its beautiful women talking about how they just want a guy who will make them laugh and I think, why? Why is that enough?
(Watch out I'm going to get all "feminist" on you now).
Why is it that as a whole women are settling for less and less from their partners and more and more from themselves? Women put an immense amount of pressure on themselves to be these fabulously perfect looking, successful, sexy, mothering creatures, but where has all this pressure come from?
If men say they just want a woman who loves them unconditionally and can perhaps cook a good steak and onion pie, where has all this pressure to be an amalgamation of every stereotype come from?
I feel as though I'm harking back to a previous post but I really wish woman would stop putting so much pressure on themselves to be so perfect. No one is perfect and that's perfectly fantastic!
I think what women really want is a little reassurance that it's ok to not be perfect, you don't have to be a model, mother, CEO and passionate sex goddess with abs of steel to be a worthy human being, you just have to be you.