Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Year of Hair

Ever had one of those days/weeks/months when you get bored with your face? I have them rather often and as a result I tend to like to mess with my face, in particular, with my hair.
I tend to change it when I need a little mix up in my life, and I tend to change a lot of things all at once. Most recently (just before new years) I thought it was high time for a change and lopped a good amount of my luscious locks off! I have had no regrets in chopping it off as I always feel like a hair cut is as good as a wardrobe cull or a brand new dress. When you're feeling a little at a loss or you just need a pick me up, a hair change can make all the difference. In the past year my hair has changed so much, and because I'm extremely vain I decided to do a little hair diary to reminisce on my hair-venutres and hope I inspire you to do the same if you're in need of a change. Since cutting my hair short I do occasionally miss my lovely long wavy hair but really, I adore my shorter pony tail and the colour looks so different now too, not to mention that it's super healthy because it hasn't seen hair dye for many moons now. Although I've thought about cutting it even shorter, I have no desire to mimic Miley so my next change up will be a colour of some description, the question is, do I venture back to the dark side or do I lighten up and go back to rocking a Summer blonde shade?
We'll see where my heads at in a few weeks! 
This time last year I had long blonde hair, I refer to this as my Goddess hair. Yes sometimes I really miss having long blonde hair, but the maintenance was reason enough to try life on the dark side.
January 2013 - Goddess Hair

I then decided to get the chop in April, I wanted bangs and since the colour had started to grow out a bit I thought it was high time for a change.

Some speculators might suggest that a brake up might have triggered my desire for change, but who can say for sure. One thing I knew was that I wanted to change my face and a blunt cut fringe definitely did that!

I didn't really feel as though the balayage was very me and so I died it all a very dark brown, which I loved at first and then (after a fashion show that I hosted and had a million photos taken at) I realised I actually hated my hair, it was too dark, and the fringe covered up too much of my face. 

So I started to do what every female who hates their fringe does and permanently had my fringe tied back in a tiny quiff.
By June happily my fringe was long enough to be a side fringe and I once again vowed to never get a real fringe again (as does every female who grows out a fringe, but we always go back!)

By August my fringe had completely grown out and once again I was wondering, what do I do with you hair?!?!

By September it had turned into this reddy-blondey-brown shade that can only be achieved by excessive sun exposure and absolutely no hair dye. I actually love this colour and always get so disheartened knowing the only way I can make it this colour (other than paying someone at a salon lots of $$$$$) is to dye it dark and then leave it for six months.

Come December the colour I loved had started to grow out and once again I seemed to have some kind of balayage happening (despite having not dyed it since April).

Then just after Christmas I decided I'd had enough of my long locks and I lopped them off! My hair once again seems to have changed colour despite not having done anything to the colour.
Sometimes it looks really blonde, other times it looks really red, now I just have to decide what colour I actually want it!

I love messing around with my hair and it's so much fun to see how different hair can make a person look, if you are in need of a change just do it!