Friday, May 10, 2013

Passion Fashion Event Wrap Up

Well it's been over a week now since my big event, gee I thought the sleep deprivation would have subsided by now, but perhaps working practically full time this week isn't helping that? Never mind, who needs to be well rested when you have a life as fabulous as mine!
So, how was it you may ask? FANTASTIC! I shall respond!
The event was a huge success and I have to thank everybody who was involved in making it such a fabulous evening of fashion and fun.
The make up and hair was out of this world amazing! Jennifer and her team from JB Just Beautiful did an incredible job and the guys from Yuko Hair created the most stunning catwalk looks, I almost couldn't believe it was all happening for my little production. It was good enough to be on a catwalk in Milan or Paris, ahh Brisbane, you harbour so much talent!
The designers all showed off some amazing pieces and I think the audience was thrilled to experience the fresh new talent popping onto the Brisbane fashion scene, and of course it was all shown off with the most gorgeous human beings in Brisbane, lucky audience indeed!
The day flew past me and before I could even take a step back to enjoy all my hard work it was all coming to a close and I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out.
From rushing to collect staging and chairs, to dragging lighting frames up stairs, to rushing models into hair and makeup, to running through a full dress rehearsal even when we weren't ready to even think about it, the night went off without a hitch, and amongst the chaos I found myself reasonably calm but I've certainly learnt a few things from the night. First of all, I need a p.a. Whether I find someone who wants experience in event management or I go all legit and pay someone, I NEED someone! The amount of times I was in the middle of something and it ended up not getting done or only getting half done was ridiculous, I needed four of me!
Secondly, I need to make sure I spend a little more time on my own personal presentation. Oh My GOD! The amount of photos taken where I look tired/suicidal is verging on the ridiculous. To top it all off the dress I was wearing was too big for me and photo after photo it just looks floppy at the back, I'd only made it a month earlier but clearly it wasn't the best choice for me, but never mind. Lesson learnt, do your hair and make up and wear a dress that fits, and for heavens sake stand up straight! There are ten thousand photographers taking photos and the only ones that look ok are the ones where I am aware there is a camera in my face, the rest... well... let's juts say, my hunch back is not the most flattering hunch back around.
But really, the most important part of the night for me was releasing my first ever full sleepwear collection, and I have to say, I think it went rather well. The girls were all so well received on the catwalk and I even sold a few pieces of stock after the show, including some sleep socks, a beanie and a full set of pj's!
Despite all the stress of the night (and leading up to the night) it was soooo worth it! I had an absolute ball, and despite a few mishaps (like a pair of shoes disappearing at the end of the night) I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night. I'm still recovering from it all, and probably need another few weeks before I start planning the next one, but GPO are keen as beans for the next one and I've already got a few designers lined up too.
Here's a few snaps from the night!
Enjoy xx
Forget Me Not Photography

Interlaced Media. Prior to my girls strutting their stuff.

The AU Review. Flynn on the catwalk. Adam in Naked in the Night. Ben in Tatemae & Honne.
Suzanne Dang Photography. Loana wearing Erin Hassall.
Brisbane Threads. Annie wearing Lipoa Threads.

Elise Walsh Photography. Jana wearing Undral.


Brisbane Threads. Ashleigh in Alexandra McGuire Swimwear.


The gorgeous Alicia, showing off the stunning hair and make-up created by JB Just Beautiful and Yuko Hair.

Interlaced Media. All my gorgeous girls together looking like spunks in my newest collection!

At the designer market hanging out with my gorgeous Evelyn Curtis customers.