Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Hello Winter!

It's that time of year again! The dew seems to stay on the grass longer to ensure your feet are thoroughly saturated before you get to where ever you're going, and the sun decides to stay nestled in the comfy horizon just a little longer each morning, making it that much harder to pry yourself away from your goose down doona, but it's not all bad!
Winter is after all, a chance to try new things in your wardrobe. I have found myself more and more in love with jeans and I decided that perhaps the reason I have previously not been a huge fan of Winter, was due to a lack of Winter clothing. I feel the cold rather badly, as soon as the temperature falls below 22 degrees, I turn into a tiny spotted pup and can be found quoting "I'm tired and I'm hungry and my tail is froze, and my nose is froze and my ears are froze. And my toes are froze." (Lucky, 101 Dalmatians) So yesterday I decided to pop into the City with my lovely ladies and make an effort to purchase some Winter woollies, stylish ones of course!
Beanies are a girls best friend! Shopping in Queen Street.
Outift: Beanie - Handknitted by my mum
Jumper - Melbourne Boutique
We did the usual rounds looking for some new jeans, and tried on numerous styles in Bardot and Myer (I'd already been to Universal, but alas they did not have the right colour for me) and I suppose when it comes to jeans I'm rather picky. I became accustomed to wearing Lee, Ksubi, Guess and Ralph Lauren (my previous styles) but decided recently to try the pastel denim thing and because I wasn't entirely sure I would like them I went with a cheaper brand. Rest assured, Jay Jay's although they have a great range of colours etc, the quality just isn't the same, I've bought two pairs of their jeans and they might be comfy, but jeans are suppose to be fitted and after wearing them for a few hours they become rather unfitted...not a good look. So it looks like I'll be investing in some rather amazing but expensive new jeans soon. Cheers Winter!
My love of jeans has been rekindled with the cooler weather.
Outfit: Scarf - Portmans
Jumper - Evelyn Curtis
Jeans - JayJays
Boots - See by Chole
After deciding I'd had enough torture of trying on plastic cheap jeans we grabbed a coffee from Zaraffas (white chocolate mocca on skim) and headed off in search of a new knit for me. Although my look lately has been much more relaxed I wanted to ensure I got a sweater I knew would work with my adorable dresses (layered with stockings and boots for the colder Season). So I opted for a cream knit with pearl beading around the neckline, perfect for wearing with my jeans, and great for popping over my little dresses!

Layering!! Shopping at Harbour Town!
Outfit: Collared shirt - Op Shop
Scarf - Dotti
Jeans - JayJays
Bag - Sportsgirl
This week I also visited Harbour Town at the Gold Coast and managed to pick up the cutest Peter Alexander slippers. I think I can safely say slippers are a weakness of mine and thank God Winter is here for that sole reason! I have many slippers including lace UGG Boots, pink frilly uggs, black tassel uggs, Peter Alexander moccasins and my newest addition; Peter Alexander heart candy slippers. Ahhh, yes I do have a thing for slippers, slippers and knee high socks...Yes I did buy another pair of knee high socks yesterday, a girl can never have enough I tell you!
My NEWEST addition to the slipper family, courtesy of Peter Alexander.

So despite still not having new amazing jeans, I have managed to accumulate a few new Winter pieces and the search will continue as the temperature continues to plummet! My advice for the cooler season is to layer your little hearts out. Even though it's chilly outside, it's usually heated every where else. So wearing your cute Summer pieces with quirky tights and a long sleeve tee, will not only look adorable but keep you snug as a bug in a rug! Happy Wintering!