Sunday, February 24, 2013

We are all Catfish!

This week MTV premiered a new reality show Catfish, based on the original film Catfish, it follows the lives of online daters as they uncover the truth about their Internet lovers. Not surprisingly the first episode uncovered a Catfish, one young naive young lady believed she was in love and in a relationship with a gorgeous male model, who wrote que cards for one of Americas most popular talk shows and was studying anaesthesiology online... Yes, she really did believe he was real and was super excited to marry her and start a family with her, but just never managed to find the time to meet her. True love can be tricky you know. Anyway, turns out her beautiful model boyfriend was an 18 year old socially awkward female. Who wold have thought.

Watching confused people scream "who the heck are you?!" made me think, I for one know that on particular days, one might consider me to be Catfishing with my outfits. I'm a girly girl, I like flowers and full skirts and fitted tops, I love high waisted everything and I'm a firm believer of the power of a belt, but from time to time I wear floaty non figure hugging pieces and it's weird to look in the mirror and see a different side to my style, or if you will, a different person staring back at me. Just last week I'd rushed an outfit together and ended up at work in black skinny jeans and a blue tank top only to be greeted with "you're wearing jeans today, who is this girl?". It's true, you caught me, I catfished as a casual chick with a little rock edge. I also had a day in a little loose black slip with a scarf jacket thrown nonchalantly around my shoulders, I thought about adding a belt to make the outfit a little more "me" but I decided against it, because I was so darn comfy! I think the same could be said for when you dye your hair a totally different colour. In just a few weeks I'll be going from Californian blonde to European brunette. Effectively Catfishing into a completely different person. Or so it seems.

I think that's actually why I love fashion so much, because it allows us to try on different personalities and try different styles. We can change ourselves to suit our environment, and change who we are to fit in with the crowd or stand out and make a statement.
I enjoy my catfish days, but I always love coming home to my own personal style, it reminds me who I am, and let's me show the world just who the heck I am!