Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Evening recap and Day five - shopping!

So last night as mentioned we planned to head out to dinner along the river at Waterfront. Well! What can I say? Most definitely the best meal I've had in a very long time if not, ever. The food was impeccable, the waitstaff were professional and the atmosphere was buzzing (and it was only a Tuesday night). I'm learning that food here is a whole other world. It doesn't matter where you go, the food, coffee and wine is always of the very highest standard. After our cibo bellisima we wandered down to the Crown Casino and I can honestly say I was in awe. The Crown is a gorgeous casino, and when walking through the grand entrance in my Chloe boots, passing the Prada store and listening to the piano play a magical tune to my footsteps I felt as though I was walking around in a movie. We gambled a few of our pennies just for fun and as we headed home for a much needed rest the fire dance begun over the river. It was a magic night and one that will remain a memory of Melbourne for years to come.
Today was a change of pace as we set off to Chapel Street in search of all our little shopping hearts desired. Starting at Top Shop we then wandered from boutique to boutique, to cafe and back again, and although I didn't buy a lot, I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchases. No buyers regret here!
I bought an orange maxi, a turquoise ear cuff and a pair of denim shorts (for the man) from Top Shop. I found a gorgeous banana yellow lace sun dress from a random boutique in a shack. The owner was clearly happy to have a customer as she burst into my change room before I'd had a chance to finish trying the dress on, proceeded to tell me how great it looked in broken english, while she stuck a belt around my waist and repeated the price half a dozen times, I would have bought it without the hard sales pitch, but she was good for a laugh none the less. I got some new shades from Apex Shoes and a navy sweater (also for the man) from a little men's boutique who was sadly closing down. I was also lucky enough to stumble across a gorgeous little fabric shop just off the main road called Fabricado. The owner was so sweet and even let me take a few swatches back home to see if I could use them in my designs. The fabrics were heaven and we chatted about the industry and how they were just about to start selling their fabric online (with FREE shipping!!!!!) so needless to say I'll be jumping on and ordering when I get back to Brissy and I'd encourage you all to check them out too.
When we arrived back at the apartment I decided to do a little exploring by myself and wandered into the city centre, checking out my usual favourite Zara and discovering some new destinations along the way. Unfortunately they weren't all open by the time I got there so I've got to journey back in the morning to check them out!
It's been a long day and tomorrow is set to be just as jam packed as we will be heading to some vintage stores first thing, the Napoleon Exhibition around lunch and St Kilda in the afternoon for more shopping! Xx