Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day four

Today I found out what cold really is. I've been told Melbourne can be unpredictable and unpleasant when it comes to weather, but so far we had had nothing but beautiful sunshine. Today however, was windy, freezing cold and spotted with rain.
Despite the nasty weather we still had a lovely day out, firstly visiting the old Fairfield Boathouse for tea and freshly baked scones, followed by a gorgeous scenic drive to St Kilda and out to Mordialloc Pier at Mentone. We wandered along the windy pier and watched the storms roll past far out to sea before heading to the St Kilda Bath House for some refreshments. We drove back through the city and experienced first hand just how intense Melbourne's peak hour traffic can be, but I didn't mind as it have me a chance to soak in more of this glorious city and it's beautiful architecture. Tonight we are heading to South Bank for dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Waterfront, no doubt it will be raining by then so tonight's outfit will have to be super warm! Xx