Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to the real world

I'm now firmly back in Brissy, trying to get life back on track after my little holiday. I currently have no job at the moment so I've been lucky enough to spend the week doing what I love. I've been sewing and organising meetings and fittings with my clients and getting ready for my markets on Friday night. It's so strange to not have a million and one things to do with no time to do it. Not to say that this week hasn't been busy, here I was thinking I was going to have a little brake after my manic week in Melbourne, but not so much. I've got a fitting with a client tonight, it's the first fitting of her formal gown and I couldn't be more excited, BrisStyle indie Twilight Markets on Friday night and a shoot with the fabulous Jay Romero on Saturday, I've already spent two days sewing and will no doubt spend all day Friday doing the same.
After having the majority of the week for the business I can definitely say I would be happy to be a designer and dressmaker full time, I love the freedom of being creative and working on my label, I'm excited for the day when I can just do Evelyn Curtis, but for now I need to find something casual to keep supporting the label and keep working hard to get more personal clients, and hopefully start selling some of my ready made dresses too! Hope everyone has a fabulous week, below is a little peak at some of the new stock I've been making, enjoy! Xx