Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter brights to warm up your nights!

So yesterday I was at my training day for David Jones and after 2pm my brain had turned to mush. What was originally a day two course has now been compacted into one and it can leave you feeling a little brain dead. So, as many fashionistas or generally any female would know, there is only one cure for such a complex issue, and the answer is retail therapy! First purchase were some desperately needed new flats! Although one would argue that I most certainly do not need more shoes, I do! I bought two pairs (and they're for work so that's a good enough excuse) from London Rebel one in black and one in purple. Although they are the same style, they're different colours, and honestly I could have bought them in every colour because they are just too cute to boot! Following my new thirst for colour I wandered into Chanel, found about a million things I'd love to buy, but on my income, it's not likely to be happening any time soon, so pressing on I stopped in at Portmans. I instantly fell in love with every bright piece of merchandise I could get my frozen paws on but decided to stick with some skinny belts, I purchased a pink, a green and a blue, but I was lusting after half a dozen brightly coloured bags, skirts and blazers like a moth to a delicious neon flame. Next stop was jewelery, I figured the best way for me to embrace the winter brights was with accessories, it's an easy trend to adapt to without having to change your whole wardrobe. I picked up some gorgeous earrings from Lovisa which work perfectly with my all of my new belts. Although I only spent the equivalent of my parking ticket on my new purchases, it was enough to restore my brain back to perfect health. I don't really understand why shopping makes me so happy, but I'm just going to go with it. If you're feeling like the day has sucked the life out of you, go buy yourself a new neon clutch or a electric blue blazer, and you'll find all of a sudden, life is restored back to its usual self, and you'll look fabulous all the way!

Belts: Portmans

Earrings: Lovisa

Shoes: London Rebel