Friday, May 25, 2012

This little piggie went to market

When I was a child my favourite rhyme was always the one about the pigs going off to market, despite knowing that a tickle attack would follow shortly after the rhyme was complete I still watched on and imagined what a pig might be taking to a market to sell. Fast forward a decade or so and this little pig is now taking her wares to the markets (and yes I've on a few occasions been that pig who cries all the way home too, but that's another story).
Today is market day! I'm excited as a pig in mud as one of my friends has recently decided to join in on the market madness and pitch her wares to the loving Brisbane public too! We've been placed next to each other so we can chat and enjoy the experience together, and I'm super excited to see what she brings to the table. Currently the weather is looking a little grim and we may be sent under cover for the second month in a row, which would be a real shame as it puts a bit of a dampener (excuse the pun) on the evening, but I'm excited either way.
I'll be taking my new guys tees along tonight for any male that may be dragged to the markets can actually have something to look at, as well as a few new headpieces created by the fabulous Tina, and a few new little bits and bobs from myself too. Here's hoping the weather is kind to us and the crowd is generous. I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and if you have no plans this evening come check us out in King George Square from 5pm! If you can't find us, it's most likely because of the weather, we'll be up on the big ramp above Groove Train. Hope to see you all there.