Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a weekend!

This week was very exciting as I finally got into a store! Working late one night it dawned on me that perhaps I should simply just apply at a store and see what happens, after all, I got into several markets, what's to say a store wouldn't want me? Well it turns out... THEY DO WANT ME!!! I'm now officially in a store! Handmade Highstreet in Annerley! I now have a quarter rack and the top glass shelf of the counter, so as the lovely customers purchase their wares they can look down into my little section (and hopefully make some additional purchases). Who knows whether this crazy endeavour will work but Ive paid my first months rent and I'm going to be there for the next three months, so here's hoping it will be a profitable experience. I also had a show on Saturday night, it was for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, the show, entitled Epic Ride, Epic Fashion aims to raise money to allow the organisers entry into the event (it costs $2500 per person to enter!) We had a lovely night and raised some much needed funds, and I got to try some of my new dresses on some lovely models. I met some great people, and got some fabulous feedback on my new dresses. I couldn't be happier with my weekend and I'm looking forward to a calm and social week this week to make up for the past few weeks of crazy life!

My quarter rack :)

My little shelf :)

Epic Ride, Epic Fashion!

Toni in my Wild Ones Dress :)