Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shooty Saturday!

Saturday was fabulous this week! Although I had to wake up super early to start my awesome day it was 100% worth it. By 7:30am I was down at Chermside Westfield shooting "Pedestrian Games" a clever short film created by John Green. I was invited to the shooting to provide the wardrobe for the films characters. Two guys were dressed in my tee's and the lovely lady featured, also wore one of my handmade outfits. After a few hours in the cold, watching the manic action unfold, I was off to Shorncliffe for a photo shoot.
A makeup artist that I had previously had the pleasure to work with, had approached me and asked if I would style and provide garments for a two model shoot down along the rocky beaches of Shorncliffe. Having worked with Rachel I knew she had an eye for detail and immediatly agreed to the shoot. Although I'd never worked with either the models or photographer before I trust Rachels judgment, and it was spot on as usual. 
Jay Romero was the fabulous photographer, Rachel Leung was the talented makeup artist  and of course we needed a gorgeous model, Rebecca Baker featured as our beautiful subject  . 
We all needed some updated photos for our portfolios and I have to say I was lucky to be approached for such a fabulous shoot. The team worked so well together and even though one of the models didn't show up, I think the photos turned out great for everyone involved. 
I've put a few sneak peaks in for you to have a look at (all the dresses are from my new collections and can be viewed in detail here). I can't wait to get all the photos!
Hope every one's weekend was as fabulous as mine was! xx