Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poor time management

It's true I'm terrible with managing my time, more so than anything I just want to do everything! I want to work enough to pay my bills and eat more than just soup, but I also want to save money for my travels this year and next (Cairns and Melbourne and possibly Asia this year and Europe next year) so basically I want a full time income but without working 5 days a week. I've discovered that unless a career change happens (and I start "taking my dress off" for real) that's not really going to happen.
As you know I recently changed up my job, same company but working now closer to home and within David Jones, hoping that I would save myself some time and aggravation and pick up some longer shifts and hence do less days in the week. Well, my plan hasn't exactly worked out. I'm now working longer hours and four to five days a week. I'd like to say at least the money is worth it but I seem to be spending more than I did before! I've had a few birthdays, expensive weekends out and flights to pay for lately so my ultimate savings fund has really taken a battering.
My diary is really starting to fill up over the next few weeks and despite feeling awful for turning down paid work (at Industrie) and possibly annoying the flock out of my new boss for being unavailable when Ive previously said I can work, I know its what needs to be done if I'm ever to succeed as a designer. Ive already had to push Europe to next year as I know I can't afford it this year, but the business has had a lot of cashola spent on it this year, so I just have to keep in my head that its a positive step towards my ultimate goal. Europe will wait but the fashion industry certainly won't. I must metaphorically pounce on any and every opportunity I get to grow my business as I know eventually it's all I will be doing, but it certainly takes a lot of hard work before I can get to that stage.
The next few weeks will be really hectic with markets, charity events, runway shows and shoots all on my plate (mixed in with my DJ commitments) but it's all worth it in the end! Hopefully all this paid work will fill up my savings account so I can give myself a rest without and stress when I go to Cairns in July.
If your chasing a dream or working like a headless chicken to achieve something worth fighting for, don't give up, you'll always have crappy days, days that you don't want to get out of bed because your scared of whats out there, but that's what life is all about, get your lazy bum out of bed and seize that carp!
Dream it, Live it, Love it!