Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing catch up

Hi all!
Well I have been a busy little bee these past few weeks so I do apologise for my slackness of postage, but that's nothing new.
Since my last post I've:
Moved house
Moved jobs
Participated in a market
Went to a wedding
Went to an engagement party
Went to a Disney party
Went to a restaurant opening
Went to the coast
Had a picnic brunch looking over the beautiful Brisbane river
Ate a cupcake
Made new product
Visited my cat (and my mum)
Made a tutu
Bought 1 x pair of Chloe booties
Bought 1 x pair of Marc Jacobs points
Sold some of my stuff
Edited photos from a photo shoot
and probably a lot more junk and stuff and not actually in that order but anyway!

I've finally got my pics from my collar and EC Man shoot, I haven't photo shopped them as I don't see the point in making myself look incredibly fake, but I did have a play around with one image and turned myself into a photo shopped manga character (check below for the proof!)

The label has taken a turn for the good and I feel as though I'm more centred and sure of where I want to take my designing now. Basically I've decided that I want to focus my passion on cocktail and evening dresses, one of a kind and in released in Collections of about 10 - 12 styles. They will be all adjustable and come in size S (6-10) and a M (12-16) and will vary in price depending on the material and the amount of time spent on the making of said dress. I realised after I finished my last cocktail collection that I had no desire to make my ready to wear collection, despite having already done the sketches and sourced my fabrics. So I've decided to leave that to the mass producers of the world and keep my craft simple. Doing what I love with the fabrics I love, I feel that ready to wear doesn't give me the creative freedom that cocktail and evening wear allows me to have, and as I'm a great believer in the finer quality touches that really make a garment special, like french seams and hand sewing, I need to ensure they are used on garments with wearers who appreciate such things.  
Tomorrow I will be starting my next collection of cocktail and evening dresses, and I'll be working with a strong animal printed theme, but you'll have to wait a few weeks to see it. In the mean time here is a photo mash up of the past two crazy weeks of my life. Hope all is well in every ones worlds.
White Lace Collar

Lace and Satin Collar

Silk Scarf Collar $30

My intense make over courtesy of Adobe (best to look at this one at full size, needless to say I'm not going to be getting a photo shop make over any time soon).

EC Man Tee (1st Edition)
NEW Silk Scarf Bow ties
The dress I wore to the wedding.
Dress: Portmans
Tights: Hong Kong
Shoes: Marc Jacobs.
Chillen with the love of my life Frankie

Sporting my new Chloe booties that I bought on SALE!

My stall at the BrisStyle Indy Twilight Markets. Despite the rain we were all still able to trade. We simply swapped our tents for a single trestle table and took shelter under the easement above Groove Train in King George Square. It was a great night and I can't wait to do the next one!