Thursday, April 19, 2012

Competition Time + Collar!

So I've decided to run a little competition on my page, just to see how many of my customers are adding my Facebook page (if any). I'm aware this may go terribly wrong and it may result in no one posting any pictures but I have a tiny hope that I will have a few, after all, I have sold quite a few pieces. So in theory people should be wearing them, out there, some where.
So here's the Facebook competition!
Competition time!
Are you a proud owner of an Evelyn Curtis piece? Post a pic of yourself in your EC piece onto my wall ( and you could WIN a $100 voucher!
All entrants will be placed in my magic winner picking beanie, and someone will WIN a $100 voucher to spend on whatever they like!
Accessories, Tee's, Sale items and the New Collection!
So get posting!
xx Much love xx

So hopefully this will ramp up some more business and promote my little brand some more.
Fingers and toes are crossed that I get a few people posting pics of their lovely selves in my lovely wares.

P.s. I made my first collar last night and I'm rather in love. Here's a few happy snaps of myself and my new Snow White Winter Collar.

Today's outfit complete with my new collar!
Collar: Evelyn Curtis
Tee Dress: Portmans
Skirt: MinkPink
Pink Flats: Rubi
Made from recycled lace, cotton and black satin ribbon.