Friday, February 3, 2012

The week thus far

It's been a bit of a hectic week, with lunch dates, meetings, interns, a bake date and a fashion event to top it off, come Friday night and I'm officially exhausted!

Monday was a work day, all day, also usually referred to as my Friday, but not this week!

Tuesday was a totally manic day, I woke early to clean my house, but had to rush through it to ensure I didn't miss my lunch date with the very talented, and always gorgeous Kelly Taylor, designer of Skiddae. We met at Sardine Tin and munched away on beautiful prawn and chorizo tapas before indulging in a Summer greens risotto, we discussed plans for future collective endeavours and I can't wait to work with her. Tuesday also saw my interns my first day in, we went through the usual first day jazz of where everything is, and what we both want from the internship, and I think it's all going to go really well. We stopped for a bite of sushi, then begun planning out what will be a hectic few months here at Evelyn Curtis Headquarters. Big things are planned!

My intern and I continued work on Wednesday and I thought it was high time for a spot of shopping, so we visited my local Vinnies and picked out some great fabric for the new day wear collection and I can't wait to get started! We also picked up a bunch of random things, including some fun coloured tights and some more bangles to create into some new little pretties.
Wednesday night has become the resident bake night between myself and two of my girlfriends that I went through school with. Each week we attempt to cook a new baked delight and finish the evening with a tea party, we gossip, and bake, and read horoscopes, and generally channel our 1950's inner housewife.

Thursday I had a meeting with a photographer to discuss possible shooting plans but had to rush off to work shortly after to fill a no shows shift.

Which then brings us to Friday, which has probably been the highlight of my week so far. I met with my darling wife for High Tea at Cobble Stone Tea House in New Farm and although I'm no High Tea connoisseur, it was most definitely the most divine High Tea I've ever experienced. After indulging in too many delicious tiny baked goods, we headed off to kill a few hours before our next engagement, so we trolled through various op shops before hitting the "high street" of the Valley mall. It's been quite some time since I've wandered through Princepessa and the like, and it was lovely and inspiring as always. We then meandered up to Cloudland where we attended the Shop Late @ Cloudland event, it was an amalgamation of all of Brisbane's Fashion elite, putting on a mini market style evening for the masses. There were many a goodie I would have loved to purchase, but thanks to the Europe fund/car fund/ moving out fund I really couldn't splurge on anything, much to my dismay.

Well this weekend looks to be rather quiet due to a lack of dollars, social entertainment and energy. Perhaps I'll use my downtime to catch up on some sewing.

My week in pictures...
Beautiful earrings gifted to me from the amazingly talented Kelly Taylor for Skiddae
My Opp Shop finds!

The delicious and adorable results of Wednesday nights bake date.

High Tea at Cobble Stone Tea House, New Farm.
From Shop Late @ Cloudland