Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exhaustion has set in!

 Hi all, as you can see I've been rather quiet on the blog front and I must apologise if anyone is actually wondering what I've been up to. As I sit and write this blog, I'm actually coming to you from my new pad. I've finally flown the family coop and despite most of clothing still being in suitcases, I've finally somewhat moved in, and I couldn't be happier! My studio is still at my rentals place, at least until I find somewhere bigger, but for now I'm just enjoying my little taste of independence.
So what has the last two weeks been like? Rather eventful actually. After my cupcake adventures with my lovely baking pals I decided my hand my my own cupcakes and they were delicious! I created little chocolate butterflies, love hearts and assorted cute things to top them off and they were received rather well from my Pappykins.
I created a new bodice for the label and I've decided I like it so much I'm going to turn it into a staple piece for the label, the first one I made for myself, in a simple elegant black but the new winter collection will see it created in lace and a range of gorgeous tapestry-esque materials.
Continuing in our bake date traditions my girls and I tried our hands at lamingtons and although we all thought they were going to turn out less than perfect, they were actually delicious!
Following on that week, we decided to do a little road trip out to Somerset Dam (with my wife determined to catch some Red claw) the rest of us decided to catch some rays. We tanned, swam and nibbled on our assorted cheese and biscuit spread but our day was brought to an end as we watched an amazing storm cloud roll off the plains and into our swim pond. It was such an incredible day, I really am blessed with the very best of friends.
Valentines day was another adventure packed evening as I set off to go camping in the wilderness with my bestie. We made a fire from nothing, roasted marshmallows and woke up early to the most amazing day you could ask for. Although I may not be the most outdoorsy girl, I did enjoy this little trip.
Last weekend I had a market day at The Village Markets and the weather was simply perfect! I'd been working really hard during the week to create some new pieces and it really payed off, I made a (tiny) profit for the first time from a market! So that was definitely a win for Evelyn Curtis!
Finally the wrap up of this week, I worked all day Monday, moved in Tuesday, I made new product Wednesday and I worked a 10 hour day Thursday, followed by a full day Friday, a bake night Friday night, a product making day on Saturday, dinner with my intern and friends on Saturday night followed by The Boutique Markets on Sunday.

It's been a hectic few weeks with no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. But that's why I love my life, it might be insane at times, but it's the best anyone could ask for!