Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As much as I love rain...

It's really cramping my style! This Thursday I was all booked in for an amazing Market day at The Young Designers Market special Australia event, but due to this abysmal weather it's been cancelled! *sad face* I spent all day yesterday making new Summer headpieces only to find that Summer in Brisbane doesn't mean sunshine and happy days, but buckets of rain and flash flooding. Luckily for me, my hard earned dollars from my already purchased market spot will be transferred to March, hopefully there will be no ridiculous weather conditions that weekend! Any who, this year is shaping up to be a pretty big deal, I have another two markets in February (possibly looking to squeeze in another) and one already booked in for March. I'm hoping with all my new product I'll start making some kind of profit from my market days. I've noticed that the brand seems to be growing more popular with each event or market I do, so even on the days I don't see a lot of dollars, I know it's money well spent on advertising and growing the brand awareness. I also have my intern starting in a few weeks which will help so much! The website will actually have photos on it, and my Etsy store will be teeming with new product. Unfortunately time still gets the better of me most days and these seem to be the things that get left untouched and un-updated, also, lets face it, I'm no techno chic, I don't really understand what to do with it, so probably best I get someone in who does - enter my tech savvy intern.

I've put in a few quick product shots of my new Summer headpieces, I think since it's raining and I've nothing to do all afternoon, I'll go straighten my hair, put some lipstick on and do a little product photo shoot to while away my afternoon. Pure bliss! Stay safe in the rain everyone!