Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My poor feet!

I think it's fair to say that with the finalisation of Obsession I was looking forward to a little downtime, but sadly I can't say that's what I've gotten. Here's little me thinking phew last show of the year is over, all I need to do now is my Christmas shopping and possibly pick up some extra shifts at work, and enjoy a fairly quiet life away from the hustle and stress of being a "designer". How wrong was I?! Don't get me wrong I love what I do but I was hoping that for at least a month I would be able to forget my three jobs, and just work as a little retail chicky cruising on by doing the Christmas thing, and forget about all the other things that come with being an Event Company Director and upcoming Designer. Turns out though, despite me thinking it could all wait till the next year for me to sort out, adults don't look at the end of a year like a full stop, merely just a comma. So rather than taking it easy, chilling and doing nothing after work, I'm back to checking emails, ordering more business cards (can't believe I've gone through almost 250 in less than 6 months!) researching my next big venture for the label, organising interns for the new year, discussing the next event and thinking about designs (and hopefully sewing something too). It seems for people in the real world, the end of the year isn't looked upon as a call for a brake but is simply a blip on the radar. Next year is bound to be even bigger than this year but my poor little feet are so tired, I don't know how they will take it! I went and had a spa treatment today but all I could think about was how little I've been blogging and what Christmas presents I still needed to get. Alas it would seem I've somehow turned into an adult. Yuck! Must have something to do with having turned 22 only 14 days ago. Who knew it would happen so fast? I haven't even had a chance to put all my lovely gifts away from my day of celebration and already I've no time to enjoy them. Mind you the big gift from my gorgeous family members will get such a huge workout in the new year, I don't think it matters that its still in the box. I asked for something practical for my birthday as I seem to every year, a true mark that I know I want to be a designer. Most girls would ask for jewelery or something pretty for their birthdays, instead for the second year in a row I asked for a sewing instrument. Last year it was a request for my own machine (which I adore more than any earrings I've ever owned) and this year I asked for an over locker to improve the quality of my garments as well as cutting my sewing time in half. I'm super excited to use it! My mother has the same one so I already know how to use it, who knows what it will help me do next year. I can't believe it's only 10 days till Christmas and I haven't even done up my Christmas wish list...maybe I'll get to that another night. For now I have others gifts to wrap!