Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bikini Meeny Miney Mo

Today was a rare day off so I hit the Gold Coast and went to Wet and Wild with a friend of mine. Summer is most certainly here and with the warm weather comes the staple uniform of the Summer lover - the bikini! I'm sure I'm not the only girl with a draw full of colourful kini's so choosing the right one for the day came with plenty of options. I opted for a red top and black and white printed bottom, I was in the mood for mix and match, but had to also consider which of my bikinis would be best suited to the rides I was sure to embark on. I can happily report I suffered no wardrobe malfunctions today, proof that I choose the right pair. While I was happily sunning myself in my perfectly chosen attire, I checked out what everyone else was adorning too and it certainly was a mixed bag.Geometric shapes seemed to be a clear favourite with spots and stripes in high demand. Colour is always an obvious one, so I felt my bright red bikini was right on trend with my fellow water dwellers. I had an amazing day and can't wait to hit some more theme parks over the holidays!