Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas love!

Well I know I'm about a week overdue for this post but better late than never. If I wasn't working so much I'd probably have done it sooner, but alas, that's retail for you. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas just as I did, and a Happy New Year to all!

I think Christmas would have to be one of my favourite times of year, you spend quality time with your family, diets and gym regimes go out the window, and if you have to work away from the loved ones, the pay packet received after usually more than compensates. As a retail worker I worked all over Christmas with a day here and there off but public holiday pay was invented for a reason, and I now have a ticket for Europe paid for (now to organise that pesky passport).

My Christmas day was filled with Joy, an amalgamation of two families came together to spread the love and wish Jesus a very Happy Birthday indeed. I always feel that Christmas is a real test of how well you know a person and how well they know you. I can positively say my loved ones know me backwards and vice versa so the gifts that I received were simply perfect! Clothing, chocolate, a new diary, a journal for thought scribbles, handmade earrings, a new clutch and Mimco wallet, pajamas, clothes (of course), a photo frame, gift vouchers, sewing bits and pieces, assorted Paris paraphernalia and a Wii! I know, I'm completely spoilt rotten, and almost cried when I realised how incredibly lucky I am to have such an amazing family.

Today is the day most people are going back to work, but for me its actually my weekend, so I will finally be able to pack away and sort out my chaotic bedroom from the holiday season. I finally got accepted into the Young Designer Markets which is happening this weekend, so I have a lot to do! If you're back to work today for the first time this year, don't stress, Australia day will be here before you know it!