Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obsession Auction Evening

Well all the stress of another event has come and gone and I can happily say its over! (Wipes sweat from forehead) What a night! The Obsession Auction Evening was officially a huge success and three months of hard work has finally paid off in the form of a weird job offer, more likes on my Facebook page, a few sales here and there and a whole lot of amazing photos!
My day was frantic and I had butterflies from 7am till midnight but all in all it was 100% worth it. The models looked fabulous, the cameras flashed, the crowd bought up big, and all but one auction item sold! Who knew buried deep inside my little heart grew the fire of an auctioneer? Most likely the scariest part of my night, but nonetheless I got up there and rallied the auction items off, four out of five isn't a bad hit rate for a first timer.
We had a social page photographer from the City News come and take happy snaps and I got a bizarre job offer to work at the Dubai Fashion Week from an alpaca wool/silk distributor, strange but true. I sold a few items from my store, I made some great connections with new industry professionals, one in particular an amazing jewellery designer and most importantly I had a great night.
Thank you to everyone who came along, thank you to all those involved and all those who showed their support to our budding young designers. I'd personally like to thank my family and my business partners for putting up with/supporting my endeavours.
As another year draws to a close (can't believe I'm turning 22 tomorrow, what happened to the year?) I know that this year has been a big one, and as desperate as I am for a holiday and some Christmas pudding, I can't wait to see what next year brings.

Obsession Auction Evening Photo Gallery
Photographer: Damien Woods