Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Stress the Dress!

Well it's almost here, three months in the making and now only two days till my next big event. Obsession was a little show I put on earlier this month which has since turned into a business, and is due (on Thursday) to have it's first show as a collaborate team. As excited as I am the stress always piles on a few days before hand, and I still have a heap to do! Not only do I need to make sure all of the make-up artists, hair stylists, models, designers and assistants know what they are all doing, and when and where but there is my own label that needs to be taken care of too. Unfortunately I have to admit its taken a massive back seat and although I was hoping to launch my new season at the same event my new collection is little more than a few dresses and a bunch of sketches at current, so that won't be happening. Currently as of 3:30pm Tuesday before the event (51hrs till start time) I have to create a change room from a tent, make myself a dress, tag and price all items ensuring they are cleaned and ready for sale, and organise a stage (totally not my fault that its getting done last minute) not to mention all the things I have to do on the actual day...lets not go onto that list! Too long!
Nevertheless, my business partners are always there for me to stress at and cry at and generally have hissy fits when things don't go to plan, so that usually helps, and yesterday we had a little win, hopefully a big win, but we cant determine that until the night when we see how many guests show up.
We got published on the front cover of MX magazine! Quite the win I must say, and despite the photographer forgetting to mention who's designs the gorgeous models are wearing, we're on the front cover!
The blue printed dress is a Zara McKenna design, modelled by Emilie, and the green and white chiffon dress is my own (Evelyn Curtis) and is modelled by Cammie Nott. I would like to thank the amazing Jennifer at JB Just Beautiful Make-up for getting up at 5am to do the girls hair and makeup, it looks fabulous!
Well I suppose I should go and make my dress now or I'm going to end up on my floor sobbing about having nothing to wear in about 43 hours time. If you're not busy on Thursday night, or even if you are and want to ditch your previous plans, come along to Obsession! We've all worked our buts off to put this amazing night on, come along, have a bit of a shop, maybe pick up some Christmas presents, grab a goodies bag or bid on a one of a kind couture piece created by some incredibly talented new designers.
See you all there!

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November 24th, from 6:30pm
Fringe Bar, Cnr Anne and Constance Streets, Fortitude Valley
Tickets from $10
Pop up shop from 7pm
Auction from 8:30pm