Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Well Ive realised its been a little while since my last blog entry and I've been dying to update you all on whats been happening, but I've been too busy doing the exciting things I've been doing to write it down! The last entry was of course about Global Illumination and as excited as I was to get the pictures off my very dear friend Vanessa Fang, what I didn't realise is that the photos made their way into the Village News this month on the social pages!
Very exciting to see my picture with Liz Cantor in print, but not only that, my events company also stole a spot on page 23 this month along with a very well written article about our next event. Then to further add to my excitement my mother was reading the Sunday paper the week after the Global Illumination and saw Liz and her Co-host Dan in the Sunday Mail's Social pages too, in my dress!

My first two weeks of November have been absolute madness! Between massive publicity for my upcoming event Obsession, working on my label, frequenting Fashion Shows and trying to squeeze in a tan, its been complete chaos, but in the best possible way.

So rather than rambling on about what I've been doing I'll show you.

For Halloween I went to the Griffith Uni Halloween Ball dressed as a pirate.

I've spent a few lovely days at the beach, one in particular turned into a spontaneous photo shoot, heres one of the shots from the day, taken by the fabulous Vanessa Fang.

Obsession has been popping up in every possible place I can put it (I think we're on about 6 different event pages on the Internet now).

Obsession had a write up in this months Village News, and I was snapped on the social pages.

I scored a photo shoot with MX mag to promote the upcoming Obsession Auction evening, in which I need to give a big thanks to Jennifer from JB Just Beautiful Make Up for doing an amazing job on the girls, and Emilie and Cammie for being such superstar models and Zara McKenna for providing a gorgeous gown to accompany mine in the shoot. It's scheduled to be printed a few days before the show, so keep your eyes peeled!

I had a waffle date with my bff.

I was a VIP at the Fashion Society show for Rachel Rachel and new label Debut.

I made my couture piece for Obsession.

I did a photo shoot for up and coming MUA Sophia Francesca Make Up Artist. Still waiting to see the final pics, but this was the only pic I've got from the day so far.

I had a photo shoot with the Quest Newspaper for more Obsession Promotion. Thanks to Sophia Francesca for my make up and a big thanks to Jessie for being such a gorgeous model! The photo shoot should be printed in this weeks paper hopefully!

And today, with only a week till the show, I sorted out my collection and begun getting myself ready for the big night.

So it's been a pretty insane few weeks and with only a week to go till the big night I'm sure it's only going to get more hectic. If you haven't got your tickets yet be sure to jump on the website and pre-book to ensure you get a spot, as places are limited.