Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Global Illumination

The tickled Pink Masquerade Ball was held on Friday night at the Riverlife function centre, overlooking the beautiful Brisbane River, nestled below the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and what a night it was! I was so excited as I was an official sponsor for the event, as I knew it would be massive exposure for the label, and I was helping support such an amazing cause. As a sponsor I was featured on the website leading up to the event and on the night I watched my label's logo flash up on the screens with the other sponsors, I put together 400 pamphlets with lollies attached ( all hand cut and stapled by yours truly and a few faithful helpers), I provided a special Pink Fascinator for the Silent Auction which raised more money than the little head piece was worth, and I provided Liz Cantor, one of the hosts of the evenings gown. It was such a thrill to meet her and to see her in my gown. I made a skirt for the evening but it was a little rushed as I only decided to make it the night before the event, but I still think it turned out rather pretty. Liz's dress was made from a gorgeous green satin and printed chiffon, the design was simple yet elegant and I think she looked stunning, she seemed pretty happy in it too. I made a printed chiffon skirt with a shot taffeta waist sash that tied in a bow at the back, worn with my Romance Was Born lace top and my mask from my 21st birthday. I had an absolute ball, pardon the pun, as we danced, ate, drank and bidded on charitable goodies till the night was over. It was an indescribable feeling seeing people enjoy my work on such a big scale, I know this is what I want for the rest of my life!
Thanks to Vanessa Fang for the photographs!!