Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clothing Chaos

I'm sure you've all been there, sitting on your floor, staring into your cupboard thinking I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!
You pull out everything you own, chucking it across the room like a banshee and creating a new floor covering with the content of your wardrobe. You curse your misfortune for not being Carrie, or Kim Kardashian, and not having the wardrobe which naturally comes with being one of them, you sulk and stare at your now incredibly messy room, audibly signing at your conundrum and then realising you have to put it all back again.
Well, I was a little over having this happen to me on a repeated basis of late, and I did what I do every few months when I get completely over everything I own. I went through my wardrobe and pulled out all the clothes I haven't worn in the past few months and know I wont be wearing in the next few months to follow, bagged them up and chucked them in the back of my car awaiting drop off to a Vinnies bin.  
I didn't just stop with my wardrobe though, I went through my draws too! I have to say, it is a good feeling, and its not as though I've halved my choice of clothing because I didn't wear the stuff I'm getting rid of, instead I can just see a little clearer what I have to choose from. I'm hoping this clarity will help my decision making process of a morning. Plus it's a great excuse to buy new clothes!