Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Sydney

As you would have noticed I have been slightly lacking on the posting front, but that's just been due to my little trip to paradise (Sydney). It's one of my favourite places in this gorgeous country of ours. Despite the cold and blatant rudeness of the drivers, I still love it more than any other place (with the exception of home). I flew down with my brother and his girlfriend for a race event, mainly I wanted to take a trip to Sydney for shopping and if I went with them not only would I have someone to party with but my accommodation costs were cut in half. So it was decided and I flew down Friday morning, very early start, 4 am in fact but well worth it as I watched the sun rise over the hills, and as the wheels touched down on the tarmac I couldn't hide my excitement.
I had agreed to spend some time with my brother and his girlfriend however so before I could attack the shops it was off to the racetrack. Two days of wandering around the racetrack left with me with a severe lack of shopping bags and so Sunday and Monday turned into my two big shop days, and shop I certainly did. I hit up Voi and scored a paired of D&G Mary Jane's for a tiny price, I scoured Zara for all the best (too much to choose from really) and fell in love with a silver sequined crop jacket and gorgeous floral print dress. I hit up Lindt for a bag of yummies and went to the Rocks Markets on Sunday and wandered from stall to stall finding some gorgeous one offs. I bought a black rose ring, perfect to match with any outfit, a bling slide clip in the shape of a bow (my favourite) and the most divine book on French Couture as well as a bunch of other random little goodies.
I also managed a quick trip to an op shop whilst in Sydney and I picked up a silk scarf featuring none other then Le Eiffel Tower and a handmade silk lace dress, which fitted like a glove, and is just the most perfect dress I've ever seen in my life!
I ate traditional pizza from some of the best pizza places in the rocks, drank plenty of vino, danced in Sydney's hottest clubs and generally had a ball. Thanks to the wonderful people who were with me, can't wait to do it all again!
I'll be posting up pics of all the goodies I bought as I wear them out on their maiden showings, I'm so excited to show them off!