Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Weeks Obsessions

Those that know me, know I'm quite obsessive, usually I'll fall in love with something for a week, obsess, love whatever it is fully and completely and then move on to the next thing a week later. This weeks crush comes in two forms, firstly my new black maxi skirt and secondly of the amazingly talented Adele. Although Adele has nothing to do with my passion for all things fashion related my new maxi skirt does.

I bought it on the weekend and thought it was a bit of a cheap, impulse buy. I figured it was something I'd probably only wear once but I've actually had such fun with it, I've worn it three days in a row.

First outing was work (at Politix) and I thought I'd just throw it on for work as it would be comfy, but after spending 10hrs in my new purchase I fell deeply in love with it. I teamed my new love with a white long sleeved tee, and red and gold silk printed neck scarf with my cream and white pearl flats. I was told I looked very French, always a flattering comment when referring to someones outfit, I feel.

Second day was at my new-old job; Hilde Heim. I've decided to go back and leave my beautiful friends at Myer to pursue a part time position as designer assistant with the beautiful Bridal Boutique. Being a Bridal Boutique my dress must reflect the professionalism of the establishment (so it says in my contract) so I teamed the maxi with my Bettina Liano top and one of my own creations; a cream jersey and black lace jacket. Finished off again with my pearl flats, what can I say, they're cute as hell and comfy to boot!

Today I had an appointment but it was fairly casual so I thought I'd put some colour with my maxi as my last two outfits had been pretty neutral colour-wise. I decided on a magenta tee which I added a little black satin bow to and threw on my biker jacket to keep me warm, and wore my silver flats to give it some sparkle.

I don't know if I'll wear it tomorrow as my wardrobe is bursting with new clothes after my holidays so I think it's time try something else. I put in a picture of today's outfit but forgot the other days, sorry guys!

Does anyone else experience obsessive trips with a certain item of clothing? I think we probably all have it in Winter with our UGG boots, but I want to know if anyone has it with ordinary items of clothing...perhaps I'm just odd.