Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outfit Week - Day Seven

Apologies to those hoping to see a clubbing outfit last night, I didn't quite get there. Thanks to a few wines at home, my slippers and a very comfortable bed I didn't end up going out, instead I chose sleep, a decision I'm very thankful for today as I'm busy planning my event. I'm heading out on a supplies shopping trip this afternoon to rustle up all the necessities for my upcoming designer fashion show and markets. It's once again a rather cool day and as I'll be traipsing around the shops looking for tents, lanterns and all sorts of market worthy goodies I'm dressing practical, but sharp (my brothers a bit of a fashionista so I can't look like a dag when going shopping with him). I've gone for my champagne silk tee shirt dress from One Teaspoon, a black knitted vest from Myer (Miss Shop), my Dangerfield felted hat, tights and my trusty "Adventure Boots" from Payless, finished off with my black and gold cuff (from a store that no longer exists caled Depot).