Saturday, June 18, 2011

Outfit Week - Day Six

The order of the day is warmth as I'm really feeling the cold. Out at Lakeside it's rather breezy but I managed to stay in the warmth of the sun the entire time I was there, the fact that I had several layers on helped too. I wore my Ralph Jeans, as they are the best jeans to tuck into boots, my French Connection lace blouse with a black long sleeve tee underneath, for the extra warmth (I think this one is from Target), my poncho is from Dangerfield (definitely a new fave brand) and my boots are from Famous Footwear. Being next to a racetrack on a day like today I thought a bun would be most practical so I didn't spend the entire duration of my day picking my hair off my lip gloss, and as always, my "Jacquie-O-esque" Sportsgirl sunnies. I was warm, practical but felt I still had an air of style about me (in contrast to the other female population that frequent these events, I was entirely overdressed, but that's ok with me). There was a slight moment of hesitation as my boots do have a slight heel on them and I had a little wobble as I teetered my way down some slightly unsavoury ground, but I managed to get there without falling over, always a bonus!
If the option is looking like my other female spectators all for the sake of practicality, I'll choose my high heel boots and designer jeans any day of the week.