Friday, January 14, 2011

Who knew?

I have now been a graduate for several months and I have to say that the initial shock has worn off and the cold hard reality of unemployment has gripped me and is beginning to squeeze the life out of me. You see, contrary to the QUT adds assuring its future graduates that everyone will be banging down your door to offer you a job, reality is really very different. The reality is that actually, unemployment (or worse, being in my position, having two jobs where neither can give you hours for there is no work) is what most graduates should prepare themselves for.

Unfortunately getting a job is actually really very difficult, being young and eager is not really always a good thing. Having done a million things whilst studying is intimidating to some employers, and being young makes it extremely difficult to secure a managerial position. Currently I'm looking for a retail management position, and despite having worked in retail for four years and having been trained as a manager for two different companies, I am constantly hitting the same wall: "despite you having plenty of experience, we feel you are not the right fit for our company" with no more explanation than this commonly used phrase, I am left asking why, why, why?? What am I doing? You aren't even giving me an interview!

Today I went for a second interview with a company (they gave me an interview but still said the above mentioned phrase after our little meeting) and I think I now finally understand. They look through my work experience and question me on all that I've done, then they look at me and with an uncomfortable tone say "and you've done all this and you're only 21?". Yes I know, isn't that wonderful? Shouldn't that prove how valuable I will be to your company? Well apparently not, but that's OK, I have not lost faith.

I believe that perhaps I'm hitting these rejection walls not through a lack of skill and understanding of the industry, just that I haven't found the right job yet, and that is why I am writing this blog.

Tonight I have decided to well and truly put myself out there. Although I know mainly only friends read this, on the off chance that someone looking for a new employee happens to stumble across my blog they will see that I am in fact perfect for their open vacancy.

Above is my resume, and although this isn't everything I've ever done, it definitely outlines what I've done, so you can understand what I'm capable of. At this time I'm looking for a full time position in the fashion industry. My interests are in styling, selling, retail management and merchandise, obviously I also love to write. If you know of anyone looking for someone like me please send them here or send me an email (the link is in my info section).

Friends (or followers) please help little EC get on her feet, it's a jungle out there and I seem to only have pinking sheers.

Yours faithfully

EC <3