Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New Year’s saw me jet setting off to the majestic city where I oohed and awed over not only the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags (we’re talking Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin and Chanel just to name a few) but the amazing culture that embodies Melbourne for all it’s worth. Everything about Melbourne nonchalantly hushes “come explore me” and I found myself feeling as though I was wandering around with a giant ball of string, unraveling my journey through the maze known as Melbourne.

My first day (the day before New Year’s Eve) I meandered around the city center buzzing with excitement and posing in front of giant buildings, and audibly gasping at beautiful architecture till my mouth went dry. We hit up Lygon Street for an amazing dinner and I truly immersed myself in the rich culture Melbourne is so famous for. We drank sweet wine, nibbled on crunchy bruschetta, feasted on fresh pasta and bugs in a quaint Italian restaurant (one of many on Lygon Street) and after dinner we exploded onto the bubbling street and into another thriving restaurant. This was a Lebanese place where we smoked mango Shisha (while watching the boys cough and cry) and drank tea and shared more stories and laughter. Eventually we stumbled through the streets till we reached our hotel and collapsed into a giant cloud of a bed, and as I closed my eyes that night I knew it had happened, I had fallen head over heels in love, with Melbourne.

My second day was all about the fashion as I delved into the Chanel store (just for a peek) then literally wandered up and down Chapel Street till my feet refused to walk anymore. Along my way I found; a top shop dress for only $50, an alligator in a giant shoe and an appreciation for slightly milder weather (it was 36 degrees that day). After exhausting our options on Chapel we hoped onto a tram and were on our way to what my friend described as one of the best op shops in Melbourne, an absolute must apparently. I have to say I am a big fan of trams, but not a massive fan of trekking it across town to find every store in the street closed, including the fabled Op shop that we had travelled so far to see.

That night was Armin Van Buuren and I have to say I was shocked at how "music-festival-ish" people were dressed. Granted the set was 9 hours long, but I still had gone to the trouble of buying a new dress, doing my hair and attending to my makeup as if I were going clubbing (as I thought everyone would). I can't be completely disappointed mind you as I found two absolutely gorgeous boys in the drinks line, looking totally immaculate. They were dressed head to toe in Ralph Lauren, and I can say that they honestly lived up to my expectations for Melbourne's fashion, shame about the rest of the crowd, but I won't hold it against you Melbourne.

I can't say I saw a lot of outstanding fashion on my trip, but then again I went in peak holiday season and I imagine all those trendies that Melbourne is so well known for, were probably all holidaying at the beach somewhere. I took note that most of those invading the streets were all tourists. Next trip to Melbourne I shall ensure is in a non holiday time (and then the shops will actually be open too!)

All in all I can honestly say I can't wait for my next Melbourne trip for more exploring, more shopping and more good times.

Thanks for having me Melbourne,

Your newest fan.

<3 EC