Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spoilt rotten!

Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone got spoilt just as I did :D I thought in the spirit of giving, I would give you all a little peek at what Santa brought lucky little me in his sack on Saturday morning. I was shocked, amazed and terribly excited to find that many an item on my list were actually given to me, surprising because I didn't know my family even read my blog, or perhaps they just know what I like. Either way I'm not complaining. Sadly I still don't posses those gorgeous Wedges, but they're on my to do list, so it's only a matter of time.

So how lucky was I? My amazing mother clearly got into my brain as she fulfilled several of my wishes. I was lucky enough to receive; the divine Dior makeup I was dying for, the beautiful Lola scent that I'd been hankering after for months and the delightful "Dreaming of Dior" book that I so desperately wanted. I also got a number of gorgeous unexpected presents including two adorable little mugs, a perfume spray bottle, delicious Eco scented draw bags, a new nightie from Peter Alexander (my favourite) and some new cute-to-boot monogrammed undies (also Peter Alexander) Ahh how my loved ones know me.

My Christmas day was perfect, filled with family, wine, music and lots of food! Just as it should. Christmas time is always my favourite as it allows the family to come together for a nice meal and no one needs to be concerned with work or any other commitment, we can just enjoy being together. Although I absolutely love my industry, it is very high maintenance and keeps me very busy, so I have really appreciated having some family time and quietening down my work brain.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!