Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday night Misdemeanors

Last week I ventured out of my design cave to meet one of my girlfriends for our weekly relationship/life/career catch-up session, but sadly my dinner was interrupted by some serious outfit mishaps by those around me. I’m not usually one to blog about the unfortunately dressed but I feel that this is something I need to bring up as they are “mistakes” I’ve seen made by several individuals in various locations and someone needs to say something.

Now I know it was only a Monday night and I’m not expecting everyone to adorn their best apparel, but there are a few rules that need to be abided by when venturing into a social scene for dinner.

Let me start with the men (and this is something I see time and time again, and is on my instant dump list, should a man ever do this to me) thongs are not, and never will be appropriate attire for dinner. The only exception to this rule is if you are in a backyard or at a Barbeque, otherwise it is a big N O from me. Secondly, I feel that perhaps this is an old fashioned way of thinking, but hats are not to be worn at the dinner table. We all know it takes only a few minutes to style male hair, so guys please go to the effort, it’s not a big ask. I only harp on about the cap business because in the space of 10 minutes and one restaurant I saw two cases of “hat at the table” and I think it shows a lack of respect to the people accompanying you.

My next beef is about bras, now although I’m a massive fan of all things undergarment there is a time and a place to show it off (namely the bedroom). I have a major problem with bra straps hanging out of a top, especially when it is a different colour to the top. You see it a lot on the young girls, and I admit I probably at one stage of my adolescence enjoyed wearing a red lacey bra under a black singlet top, but it’s definitely something I thought most people grew out of after the age of 14. If you are wearing a singlet top (or dress) then at least match your bra straps to the colour of the top (or dress). In all honesty you should endeavor to wear a strapless bra with it so you don’t have four straps attacking your shoulders like a deranged spiders web, but I know this is an impossible ask for some people. The other bra boo-boo I see too often is a black bra under a white translucent top, especially when the wearer continually draws attention to it by pulling it up every 5 minutes and fiddling with the back strap. If it doesn’t fit you properly, you shouldn’t be wearing it.

The only thing worse than seeing a bad outfit is seeing someone knowing their outfit doesn’t work. You can always pick the ones; fidgeting with their clothes, playing awkwardly with their accessories; usually wearing a particular stain of pink on their face that’s says “Why did I wear this? I’m so uncomfortable”.

I don’t understand why people don’t simply choose an outfit that reflects both their personality as well as a sense of style? There is so much out there to help them, books, Internet sites, television shows, blogs, all out there to help the common person feel more at ease with something that is an inescapable force that must be dealt with every day. Fashion is all around, it rules the world, so stop fighting it and start working with it. It is irrelevant what you look like, what your body type is or what your occupation is, style is something everyone can have and I wish it upon all those around me. Go forth and be stylish Brisbane!