Friday, December 17, 2010

Graduation Garb

Picture this...

It's your graduation night, you arrive early as instructed to go and collect your gown, hat and hood. As you stand in line in your new, specially picked out graduation dress (that despite the fact that it would be covered by an over sized Harry Potter-esque cloak, you still spent considerable time choosing) you see someone saunter past you in a black crop top, dirty hair and ripped denim cut-offs, also donning the same cloak you are soon to receive. Your mouth falls open in complete shock and you look over to your friend who looks equally as mortified as you do and you ask, WHY?!

Alas, this one girl (who looked more suitable for a music festival than for her graduation) was not in fact the only person clearly not giving a flying pigs tail that they were graduating that day either!

I have to say that most of the students in the Creative Industries that graduated on Tuesday night looked exceptional (one girl was even wearing a ball gown, admittedly, perhaps she went a little too far the other way, but that's beside the point) but what shocked me were the people that rocked up in t-shirts, jeans, and other equally horrible, ungraduation type clothes.

Several people (guys and girls) walked past me and I just wanted to grab them, shake them and scream "did you realise you're here to graduate from University today!?! Put some effort in!"... I can honestly say I restrained, but it was hard.

I don't think my brain could comprehend allowing me to go to an important life event dressed in a ratty t-shirt and hideous jeans and I can't help but think the Universe would make sure I ran into a bus or something equally tragic if I ever attempted such a thing.

I suppose all that really matters is that myself and my gorgeous girlfriend (who graduated with me) looked spectacular in our cute-to-boot grad dresses.

I'll conclude this post with a warning, if I see you at an event that is calling for a well thought out/ effort required type outfit, and you look as though you've just been mowing the lawn, please be advised that I may feel the need to give you a dirty look, or if you really deserve it, give you a good slap.

That is all...Rant complete.