Monday, December 6, 2010

Festival Feasting...for your eyes

Music festivals always bring together an eclectic mix of people despite what music genre is playing. Sunday saw the arrival of Stereosonic in Brisbane and it certainly brought out people from all walks of life. There are a few main stereotypes you can slot these brightly coloured fans into from a fashion perspective and I always love sitting back and people watching when you've got thousands of people to look at. I have to admit I did sit back and take it all in for about an hour and I loved the array of different people that staggered, danced and partied past me while I took it all in.

Firstly you've got the fans, you can always distinguish who is at a festival because they simply couldn't bare to miss their favourite play; they are usually wearing a t-shirt, head-band or some form of paraphernalia that they've either made (like me) or bought at a previous concert - these are always my favourite people at a festival or concert because there intention for the day/night is simply to experience the music.

Secondly you have your festival heads; these are an amusing bunch of guys and girls that when you think about it really shouldn't be allowed through the door. The girls, I have to admit are the worst. It starts with a fake tan, fake nails, fake hair and fake eye lashes, added to this mix is a ridiculous amount of makeup (which let's face it is pointless as it either gets washed off by rain or sweat, and they spend more time in the bathroom re-caking their face then they do listening to music). They are dressed in the smallest outfit they could find at Supre, which usually equates to some form of tiny denim cut off's and a bikini top (this can be substituted for a backless leotard, a crop top or for the girls that read the "top's on policy" a cut out one piece swimsuit) but somehow they still manage to all look the same. To finish off this outfit they are either wearing thongs, which they loose as soon as they get in the crowd or the cheap black cons that everyone seems to don these days (no I don't have a pair). By the end of the night, the make-up has run, the extensions have either fallen out or been ripped out in some dirty girl fight over some "buff-hot-guy", the tan has turned to a bright orange hue (if it wasn't already) and has now begun to run down the back of their legs and discolour around their elbows, knees and armpits and all their effort seems to be a complete waste of the day, and I wonder, did you actually enjoy this festival or does it seem as pointless to you as it does to me?

The boys that I classify as festival heads tends to be similar to the girls in the fact that they all look the same despite what colour of singlet they decide to pull out of their collection. They come in packs of 6-10, all varying degree's of "buffness", they tend to all be tanned and look great with their sunnies on but there's something very unattractive about a guys eyes when he's taken lots of drugs and the whole chewing your lip off because you forgot to buy gum before you came look just doesn't do it for me. Their shorts are always just that 1 inch too small and their singlets look like they've been ripped in a fight (but "hey man that's why I spent $180 on a singlet") that's if they manage to keep them on. Now I have no problem with this distinctive group of guys and gals, as they always provide for great entertainment as they bump and grind against each other and try to have a conversation in front of a giant speaker.

The next group (and they aren't at all festivals, only the ones with the right type of music) are the ravers, but they are often substituted at rock concerts for the "punks/hardcore's". They don all kinds of fluro and I love ravers because there is always so much thought put into their outfits (and unlike festival heads they tend to keep themselves looking pristine the whole day). These guys and gals from a fashion perspective gain so much respect from me as I love seeing a well put together outfit (even if it's not my taste). I love that everything matches and no expense has been spared to ensure all the little details have been attended to. This group make for a fascinating view as they shuffle around in their neon pants and fur sock-boots. I love that their intricate outfits still allow for freedom of movement, in fact, most of the raver gear looks the best while in motion.

The last group are the costume-kids. These are the guys are girls who have gone to a costume shop (or sex shop) and bought funny/sexy outfits to dance the night away in. The usual include all manner or police/army/navy sexy outfits but can include (as I saw on Sunday) Power rangers, Mario and Lady Gaga. I am a massive fan of costume-parties and I love that some people see music festivals as a giant costume party as they just look like they're ready for a fun day.

Now not everyone will fit in these groups and there are heaps of people who just go along for a fun day and wear whatever would be comfortable/was clean on the floor, but I urge you during the festival season to have a brake just for 10 mins and observe the crazy scene happening around you. Going to events like a music festival make me realise just how massive the fashion industry is, and just how many people it involves.

Dear world of fashion, I love you, thank you for never being dull.