Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back in Action

Well, you will probably have noticed that I didn't win my 7 day challenge. Unfortunately a mixture of drink spiking, flue and no Internet caused me to fail the challenge like Charlie Sheen fails to be funny, my apologies to anyone who was genuinely wanting to read a weeks worth of blogs.

But I am now at home, waiting for my flue to get worse then get better and while stuck in bed and unable to attend to the rest of my life I figured I would blog. Main case in point is to follow up my rant about Vogue's December issue. It would seem that American Vogue heard my call and I was delighted to pick up the November issue and see a gorgeous Anne Hathaway looking ravishing in an Oscar de la Renta burgundy silk faille dress with red underlay, simply accessorised with her beaming smile and her captivating Bambi eyes. Thank you for this American Vogue, seems you could give me one thing that our home-grown couldn't, mind you I still have a small bone to pick with you.

Your segment "FLASH Talking Fashion - Tone Deft" made me feel a little queasy (and not just because I have the flue) I felt like this page was an ad for "overthetop-diets"! Not one 'stylish' woman on this page looks healthy, to make matters worse, none of them are smiling, this tells me "to be fashionable this season, you must look sick and wear neutrals" great style lesson, thanks for that.

To add to this I only have one other complaint but please understand that overall I really did love this issue but why, oh why, does EVERY shot taken, feature the models mouth open? I understand that this kind of sultry pout can be sexy and alluring, and most certainly this will sell product; but this is no a sexy pout (the Bambi shot on the front of Harper's is definitely excluded from the below rant, she looks gorgeous). The pout I'm referring to makes the model look one of two ways; either like a complete bimbo - incapable of breathing through her nose like a normal human being, or (and this is usually created when the head is titled forward and hair covers some part of the face) the girl from The Ring. I suppose I could point the finger at the Marc Jacobs campaign to demonstrate exactly what I'm talking about. I thought the idea of a stylist was to make the clothes look desirable, am I wrong? The new Marc Jacobs campaign (featured in the above mentioned issue of Vogue) feature what appears to be a nuclear Holocaust at Hogwarts, worst part of all? The clothes are actually quite pretty. Sadly though, an advertising campaign like this doesn't create desire in my eyes, just gives me bad dreams.

Ok, rant complete, I must add that I picked up the December issue of Harper's, and I have a few things to say.

One, thank you for my Christmas gift, my new tote will be perfect for my Summer beach trips. Secondly gorgeous cover, I am LOVING Bambi at the moment, and that Paris shoot is just perfect. Thirdly, thank you, thank you, thank you for the content. There are certain things I feel a fashion magazine needs to have in their December issue; Christmas gift guide (check), a party looks guide - as everyone has Christmas parties to attend (check) and some great articles - between putting up Christmas decorations and organising presents I always have down time and love a good read (check) well done Harper's, this issue may have just converted me.

Just one more thing before I go, whoever shot the Tiffany's campaign in the opening cover of this months Harper's, well done - it truly is a fairytale, and one I wouldn't mind experiencing this Christmas.