Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Dress to Impress

We all know the search for that elusive “perfect dress”. We’re usually looking for a special occasion, perhaps a ball or an important date with an incredibly lucky man, I know that brides will search for months looking for THE wedding dress, but if you’re me, you’re looking for your 21st birthday dress.

To me this dress may as well be my wedding dress as I know this dress will be photographed by all my friends and family, and will no doubt be immortalized in Facebook pictures forever. I want to look back at this dress with fond memories. I have many expectations for this dress and I have a checklist for what the dress has to have; almost like hunting for the perfect man, only I know that I can find the perfect dress (the perfect man is a unicorn, but that’s for another blog).

So what’s on the list? Well, I can say I don’t feel like I’m asking too much, here’s what I need from my perfect birthday dress.

Firstly, as I’m having a masquerade themed party and have already purchased my mask, the dress obviously has to complement the colours in the mask (which for this particular event is pink, gold and black) so I was thinking that I would go a simple LBD and get my shoes to match my mask.

Secondly the dress has to fit really well, now I'm not expecting to be overwhelmingly comfortable but something that fits properly would be good. I have the unfortunate curse of being "gifted" in one particular section which makes finding a dress sometimes difficult, especially considering most dresses are getting smaller in that particular region to accommodate the masses. I want a dress that gives me shape and outlines my curves, not one that hangs from the part that sticks out the most, dresses are suppose to make you feel sexy, not awkward.

Lastly and most certainly most importantly, I want the dress to make me feel fantastic. Now I know I'm not 6 ft tall and a size 2, but the right dress can make you feel like a million dollars and this is such an important thing for me, if it doesn't make me feel good, it's no good.

So that's the plan and hopefully over the next few days I will find said dress, I know I can count on the shoes and the make-up and the hair to never disappoint but the dress hunting is always something I struggle with. I know I shouldn't go looking for something in particular but when you're a designer you tend to know exactly what you want, and unfortunately I've left it too late to make the dress myself. So I'm sending a prayer out to the shopping Gods "please, oh please let me find my dream dress!!!"