Monday, December 20, 2010

Designer Days

So I've decided it's finally time for my wardrobe to start giving something back to me, I'd like to think of my new project as a sort of recycling mission. Now don't get me wrong I go through my wardrobe and donate old practical clothing (old work shirts and other general clothing items) to my local charity bin every couple of months, but something in my head just tells me to hold off stuffing a sequined mini (never before worn) into a garbage bag to be given away. So whats the solution? Ebay. I'll be the first to put my little hand up and admit to being an Ebay lover, but I've never really decided to sell anything using Ebay, for that matter I don't think I've ever sold any of my clothes - designed by me or simply bought by me.

I'm unsure of how successful this selling of garments will be but I've decided I will attempt to sell the clothes I've never worn and some of my own pieces (if anyone would be so bold to buy them). I can't stand having them stare at me day after day as I glide past them, much the same way as the popular kids would glide past the nerdy ones when picking a suitable team mate, I have many a garment that I simply reject for no apparent reason whatsoever. It's an odd phenomena as I willingly purchased the item in the first place, clearly desiring the item for whatever reason at the time, but can no longer even fathom owning.

Well it is time for me to let go of these items, as well as the odd Evelyn Curtis garment here and there too, I have a wardrobe full of EC garments! I'll post each items Ebay link on here so you can check out what I have on offer and purchase if your heart desires, as mine desires new fabrics and my desire needs to be funded somehow, hence how I can justify calling this a recycling mission.

Wish me luck!