Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ahh yes, Brisbane has once again been blessed with a fashion exhibition and I have to say we have well and truly been spoiled. I'm not going to try and explain what I saw as I don't think words could do the amazing garments justice, they really must be seen to be believed, and I urge you to go and see it, if you're a student its only $16 so there really is no excuse! Unfortunately my first viewing was a brief one as I had to ensure I still made it back to class on time but what I saw blew my mind. Anyone that knows even a little about the fashion world would know the name Valentino Garavani. He had been creating awe inspiring garments for 40 years, and even with his retirement his legacy lives on, and the new creative directors of the company continue to produce exquisite garments that celebrate the world of fashion in all its glory.
To say that the garments are well constructed would be a major understatement, with the exception of a couple of pieces; they are all put together by hand. You can literally see how much time, effort; love and commitment went into each piece. The hand embroidery on one pair of stockings screams how the hell did he do this?!? There are garments that have been hand painted after they were constructed (to make sure the pattern looked the best), garments encrusted with sequins, crystals and feathers and you can’t help but stare at them in awe. A Valentino garment represents the true meaning of Haute Couture; they are out of the ordinary, they use the best quality materials (silks, ostrich feathers and Swarovski crystals to name a few), they are works of pure imagination! The most important thing to me about a Valentino gown is what they represent; he was a designer that truly loved the female form. His dresses are designed around the body, they do not try to disguise the shape of a woman, they are designed to encapsulate her beauty, the garments wrap around the body like an infatuated lover.
I imagine wearing a Valentino gown would make a woman feel her best, sensual, powerful, intensely feminine and most importantly they would make you feel beautiful. Seeing Valentino reminded me why it is I’m in this industry, it’s not to get rich or go to swanky parties; it’s all about the love of it, the passion behind it, the creativity, the imagination, the power of making someone feel something from what I’ve created. Thank you Valentino, you truly are a master!