Monday, August 23, 2010

Ebay LOVE!

Dear Ebay,

This is a love letter to you my dearest Ebay. You make me whole, you are my obsession, and you surprise me, bewilder me, excite me and make my day (when a package arrives). You open my world to millions of products and fuel my compulsive consumer behaviour. There is no hesitation with you, I do not umm and urr over my purchases, you allow me to buy without guilt. I never get tired of trawling through your lists as I have already decided what it is that I’m looking for. I don’t have to stand in line waiting to pay for my product only to be greeted by an unhappy, unhelpful sales assistant. I do not have to walk in and out of stores, up and down shopping malls only to hear the same irritating pop music played over and over with rude people running over my feet with their prams and screaming children. I get the sense of shopping euphoria without the anxiety of having a fat day while trying on clothes, or worrying that I’m taking too long in a change room. Although I have slight concern that my love for Ebay is in some way ruining the retail industry, I can’t help myself. I’ve just ordered a new top; it’s just a black short sleeved tee but has the most adorable puffy tulle sleeves with sparkles. Of course I could have wandered from store to store looking for this style of top and paid $80 for it, but instead, like so many people, I jumped on Ebay and found it for $15 with free postage. However it’s not about the money, I think the most exciting thing about Ebay is getting the package. It’s probably some deep-seeded emotional nostalgia of being a child and getting a package in the mail, but it excites me and it makes my day. So thankyou Ebay, for making me smile and I eagerly await my next delivery :)