Thursday, August 12, 2010

MBFF backstage styling

Our model was the lovely Alana, I've included pics of the garments and shoes we dressed Alana in and the hairdressing team who took revenge on me by whacking me in the head with a can of hairspray

Tuesday came and went with all the excitement of MBFF as I had volunteered to be a dresser for one of the early morning shows. It was an 8am start but 100% worth it when I heard the phrase “you’ll be styling today’s outfits”. I was expecting the show to run as all shows did; models in bad moods rushing in and out, designers telling you to get out of the way because you just haven’t done it right and meek and mild volunteers getting trod on by gargantuan high heeled models, but actually this show wasn’t like that at all. It was calm, we had plenty of time to collect the clothes, sort them into order and model and even fit all the models before they were due to be on stage. Not only that but the show was an interactive presentation not a runway show which meant that there was ample time to undress and redress the models before they were demanded to be back out on stage. Each model had 2 volunteers each, one to undress and one to re-dress and my partner, Stef, was great! Our model was genuinely lovely and other than being bonked on the head with a can of hairspray from one of the hair dressers (they were not very appreciative of our dressing the models, and squishing their hair) there was no one pushing us around and seeing us volunteers as a nuisance. The best part of the day was getting to style the outfits. Although the clothes had already been put together there was no instruction of what shoes, bags, sunglasses or jewellery was to go with which outfit and we all had a ball putting them together. It all came and went by so quickly and before I knew it we were wheeling the clothes racks back down to the holding rooms in queens plaza and saying our goodbyes.
Unfortunately for me the rest of the week will be full with work and uni commitments, but I am seeing Valentino with some girlfriends from uni on Friday. I’m sure I’ll have a myriad of pictures and another blog to post about the exhibition, so stay tuned.